Charters are based out of Sooke Basin, Pedder Bay, Cheanuh Marina, and Port Renfrew.

These include 5 or 8 hour fully guided fishing days. Salmon, halibut, lingcod, rockfish, and crab are the target species in the ocean. All bait, tackle, rods, and reels supplied.
Life jackets are provided but encourage that people bring their own Transport Canada Approved lifejacket or PFD.
Cleaning of fish and crabs included. Fishing areas are all within close range of all Marinas. Each location is used according to wind and where the hot bite is.

What to bring!

Recreational Fishing in British Columbia

Due to the unpredictable weather the island attracts, we suggest you pack extra clothes, rain gear, hat/toques, sunglasses, sunscreen, a cooler for the transfer home of your fish with ice, depending on how far you have to drive.

Specific boat snacks or meals. Motion sickness remedies if required.

Anglers of all ages and skill levels will be accommodated to ensure they have a great day on the water. Crab pots will be set before take-off and retrieved after fishing is completed.

All angling areas have magnificent views and scenery. Often many wild life sightings take place such as otters, eagles, dolphins, seals, sea lions porpoises and whales .

Seasonal Charters


Winter Chinook fishing is a great way to spend a day on the water. The experience is often full of tons of action, doubleheaders, and some very aggressive chinook. Although these fish are smaller than the summer run of chinook, they have a ton of fight to them. Most fish are smaller eater size, but fish in the 15–20-pound range are often caught. There is nothing better than a feed of fresh salmon in the middle of the winter.

Winter Chinook Fishing

Halibut fishing in our local waters slowly starts picking up in February. It’s at its best March through may. No better workout then dragging up a barn door in a few hundred feet of water.

Halibut Fishing

We target largemouth and smallmouth while the spawning season is in full effect—shallow water fishing in spawning beds and prime spawning areas/cover. Last season our biggest largemouth was 7lb 2-ounce with many 6lb plus fish. The biggest smallmouth was shy of 7lbs, with many in the 3–5lbs range. This primetime to catch them at their heaviest weights, but they can be caught in number throughout the season tell November. November-March is often slow action looking for one big bite.

Bass fishing

The summer season is the best time of the year to have your chance at a Tyee. There is always an ample abundance of mature heavy fish this time of the year in the system.

Summer Chinook
August through November

These fish are often aggressive feeders and extremely active biters. It is not uncommon to have double headers repeatedly. We usually fish high up in the water column making for easy action-packed fishing.

Coho Season